Hi, I’m Mike

I’m a Ux Designer from Connecticut
Thesis Project


For my final thesis project, I designed an app called Giverz. Giverz is an app idea focused on creating a way for younger people (primarily gen Z) with smaller budgets to donate to local organizations without being burdensome.

UX Project


I helped create a prototype of an app aimed at bringing back the barter system. The UI was designed to be similar to Tinder so that users would enjoy the act of finding items that they could exchange their goods for.

UX Project

Walmart Grocery Pickup service

While I did not design the grocery pickup service that Walmart has I did Ideate some possible additions that Walmart could add to it’s app to make it covid friendly.

About Us

Hello! I’m Mike, a user experience designer from East Hartford, Connecticut with a background in marketing and communications.

I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2020 and as of Dec 2021, I’ve recently graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art.

As a new graduate, I hope to hone my design skills further in a UX design position.